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99 years of Cards and Stationery at Woolies

This Woolworths Museum Special shows some of the original Greetings Cards that were sold in-store during the 1930s. We've embedded the film using HTML5 and video.js. Closed captions are available by clicking 'CC'



Soundtrack: Rod Allen's 'Wonder March' (that's the Wonder of Woolworth) played by The Winfield Brass (1975). Video: © Copyright 2010-2022, 3d and 6d Pictures Ltd for the Woolworths Museum. Thank you for watching.


Cinema content at a glance




The Good Ship Lollipop (Sweets)


Century of Toys


Easter Parade (Fashion)


The Last Noël (Xmas)


Video Launch


Advertising and Marketing:


First Commercial


The Wonder of Woolworth


Star Parade




Wannabeee (Wooly & Worth)








The Noughties


Ugly Duckling store transformation 2003


Staff work for Kids First Charity


Stationery, Cards and Books Gallery


On Paper - 100 years overview


Early US and UK stationery items


World War One cards


The cards our grandparents sent


P-p-p-pick up a Penguin (originally at Woolies)


Picture Histories - all time best seller


World War II Mighty Midgets


Launch of the Biro


Project Books


1980s and 1990s


21st Century


One very special book


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