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"We'll have a Woolworth Wedding"

A Sixpenny Pop by R. P. Weston and Bert Lee

"We'll have a Woolworth Wedding" © 1923 Francis, Day and Hunter, No. 16404.

Buying Superintendent John Snow's biggest success of the late 1910s and early 1920s was a range of "sixpenny pops". He nearly cornered the market with the sheet music of the hits of the day. The British stores enjoyed even greater success that Frank Woolworth had achieved when he first launched a music range in the USA.

Our favourite is "We'll have a Woolworth Wedding". R. P. Weston and Bert Lee's describe the kinds of things sold in the High Street stores in the roaring Twenties, with a bit of a twist. The duo wrote many hits, and are most famous for 'I'm Henery the Eighth I am, I am'. Here's are some of the lyrics of the Woolworth Wedding song, which you can play using the HTML5 player below.


Please activate the player if you would like to hear the melody of the song played on a grand piano


Sixpenny pops - sale on at Woolworths in the 1920s

Johnny said to Mabel, "Guess I shan't be able To marry you this year. Tho' I love you, honey, I'm so short of money, And furnishing's so dear." Mabel on his shoulder said, "'We're getting older". Tears were in her eyes of blue. Johnny said "Don't cry dear, I've struck an idea. I will tell you what we'll do."


When will Woolworths start selling complete pianos for sixpence, a customer asks before World War II

We will have a Woolworth wedding, Sweetheart, you and I.
Everything except the grand piano Down at Woolworth's we can buy.
We will buy the wedding ring there; It won't be gold it's true,
But our love is eighteen carat, So any ring will do


Dolls house furniture from Woolworths in the 1920s

Mabel said, "Let's hurry! now we needn't worry. Our future looks quite bright." She said, as she kiss'd him, "Hang this Hire System! We'll buy the house outright." In the store of Woolworth soon they got their full worth. Buying every useful thing. Music demonstration fill'd them with elation, When they heard a young man sing...


Furniture at dolls house prices, only from Woolworths in the 1920s

We'll get a suite, a sweet little suite of doll's house furniture.
A sixpenny set is all you can get in the houses where we are!
And in about a year or so, If you want something to nurse,
we'll buy a sixp'ny ha'p'ny baby doll at Woolworth's bazaar.


© Copyright 1923, Francis, Day and Hunter - "by agreement with F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd."


You are listening to the melody for "We'll have a Woolworth Wedding"
played especially for the Woolworths Museum by Harry, mastered by Simon


3D and 6D Pictures Ltd would like to say a special thank you to Qm Group
who very kindly arranged for Harry to play the song from the sheet music
and presented us with Simon's recording especially for the Woolworths Museum.
"Thank you Qm Group"


A special thank you to Q-Media Group for contributing their recording of "We'll have a Woolworth Wedding"


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