The Woolworths Museum

The Winfield Brass: The Wonder March

The Wonder of Woolworth song on Warwick Records (1975)

In memory of Peter Marsh (2 February 1931 - 24 March 2016),
who penned the jingle and was the Wonder of Woolworth


The Woolworths Museum's wonderful 1970s Virtual Jukebox Play 'One Step Beyond' by Parade of Pops Play 'Banana Splits (the Tra La La Song)' by Parade of Pops Play 'Do You Know Where You're Going To' by LA Sounds Play Sir Henry Cooper's masterpiece 'Henery the Eighth, I Am' Play Parade of Pops' cover of Gloria Gatnor's 'I Will Survive' Play Woolworth's radio commercial for Chevron Play the Hamilton Pop Orchestra's version of 'Spanish Flea', the It's A Knockout tune Play the Cliff Adams Singers hit 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life' Play an instrumental of 'Winter Wonderland' by the Donnettes Just for do little Deloitte, this is 'The Stripper' Play Parade of Pops' cover of the Elvis Costello hit 'Oliver's Army' The Winfield Brass play our tune, 'The Wonder March' The Wonder of Woolworth composer and advertising legend Peter Marsh pictured during a visit to Woolworths Museum author Paul Seaton's home to film a piece for BBC One's One Show in 2015 Jukebox (centre section) Juke Box scrolling attractor



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Seventies Jukebox Songs


Chevron Parade of Pops CHVLP15 1979: One Step Beyond


Chevron Parade of Pops CHVLP10 1979: Banana Splits (the Tra La La song)


LA Sounds on Chevron CHVL081 1979: Do You Know Where You're Going To


Sir Henry Cooper's masterpiece 'Henry the Eighth I Am' on Chevron CHVL113 from 1979


Chevron Parade of Pops CHVL8 1979: I Will Survive


Radio Commercial for Chevron Cassettes


Chevron CHVL123 1979: The Hamilton Pop Orchestra's Spanish Flea (music from BBC tv's 'It's A Knockout')


Chevron CHVL047 1979: The Cliff Adams Singers, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life


Chevron CHVL144 1979: The Donnettes, Winter Wonderland (instrumental)


Madison Records for F.W. Woolworth Canada: The Stripper, from Top Pops Vol. 2


Chevron Parade of Pops CHVLP15 1979: Oliver's Army


The Winfield Brass: Wonder March (tune for 'That's the Wonder of Woolworth')


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