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'Days of Tut-ank-amen'

Mimosa P34


A Mimosa 'P' series 5½ inch record produced for Woolworths between 1921 and 1923. The more popular of the two sides typically carries a stamp to show that the price includes a royalty for that songAn early 1920s miniature gramophone record on the Mimosa label produced for F.W. Woolworth in the UK by the Crystalate Gramophone Record Company of Tonbridge, Kent. The lack of a stamp on the label means that this is the royalty-paid "B-side"Mimosa Records were sold in F.W. Woolworth & Co. Limited British Stores between 1921 and 1928. The rarest records are from the 'M' series and are 5½" in diameter and single-sided. These were tested and rejected in favour of a double-sided version, the 'P' series which was originally 5½" diameter, and later 6" from 1923. The records were produced for Woolies by the Crystalate Gramophone Record Company of Tonbridge, Kent.

They had greaseproof-bag style unprinted sleeves and retailed for sixpence.


The record you are sampling is:

Mimosa P34 Days of Tut-ank-amen


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Mimosa P34 Days of Tut-ank-amen





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