The Woolworths Museum

Wooly and Worth Wannabee

Celebrating the creativity of BBH (Bartle Bogle Heggarty)


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Video compiled by 3D and 6D Pictures Ltd and others for the Woolworths Museum


Cinema content at a glance




The Good Ship Lollipop (Sweets)


Century of Toys


Easter Parade (Fashion)


Video Launch


Advertising and Marketing:


First Commercial


The Wonder of Woolworth


Star Parade




Wannabeee (Wooly & Worth)








The Noughties


Ugly Duckling store transformation 2003


Staff work for Kids First Charity


2000s Gallery


2000s Overview


Death by Demerger


New values and a new direction


Visit a new-look Woolworths Out-of-Town, as it opened in 2005


Market Towns and City Centres


The Smaller Stores


Multi-Channel Retail


Wholesale & Media


WorthIt! Value Comeback


Launch of the Virtual Museum


Meet the team


The Lighter Side


Wooly & Worth


Collapse and Rescue




1990s Gallery


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